FUCK YOU! Dying of cancer? Gregg Braden says ‘try harder dammit!’

The cul-de-sac - the dead end of blogging

When searching for people who do more harm than good, I have to admit I did take a little inspiration from Mike Adam’s awful website; despite trying to make a break from his ridiculous website, one of his sponsors did catch my attention, one claiming cancer cures for less than six dollars. Returning to http://www.naturalnews.com I failed to find this atrocity. What I eventually found however, was one mister Gregg Braden; a man who believes we can cure cancer using electromagnetic radiation emitted from our own bodies, by using our minds to cure ourselves of this terrible disease.

Below is a youtube video in which Gregg Braden presents his claims and apparently shows cancer being cured in under three minutes. Smell like bullshit? That’s probably because this guy talks such nonsense he’s staring right up a bovine rectum. In the video description is this little titbit of misinformation:

‘Cancer can…

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