The top 10 women killing feminism


By: Grace Alexander

Women’s rights and feminism go hand in hand – but we  can see some truly horrendous cases of women standing up AGAINST women’s rights, contributing to the war on women. These are the women who made us cringe in 2012 by virtue of their anti-woman stances.


In no particular order:


Gov. Jan Brewer

1. Jan Brewer. The female governor of the state of Arizona has committed multiple crimes against the women of her jurisdiction, but perhaps the most appalling is the “pre-pregnancy” bill, which defines the date of conception as the day of a woman’s last period. The bill also contained mandates for forced ultrasounds and prevented simple, medically induced abortions from being readily obtained. Brewer also signed the “Jezebel” bill, which would permit employers to question women about their contraception medication to find out if they were using it for sexual purposes.



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